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Our client is currently launching a new surfing lifestyle brand. One of the first orders of business is the development of the requisite silk-screened T-shirt.

Do You Pass the T-shirt Test?

This morning, I selected from my vast wardrobe a shirt that sometimes earns a few comments at the gym – my light green Krispy Kreme doughnuts t-shirt.

Coincidentally, I also poured my coffee into a Krispy Kreme mug. Realizing what I’d done, it was obvious that there was only one thing left undone in my accidental promotion of this American doughnut chain. Blog it.

For those of you not familiar with Krispy Kreme, it is a shop that started in the U.S. south, and quietly grew until a decade or so ago, when the brand began exploding in popularity. Why? Two words – HOT NOW.

Do You Pass the T-shirt Test? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog.


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