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A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008

January 01st, 2008 | Category: Web Marketing, Web Strategy

This is an updated revision of the 2007 version, which was one of the top viewed posts for the entire year. I’ve added quite a few new forms as they’ve emerged or come to maturity over this last year.

Summary and Audience

This document catalogs the many tools and tactics available for corporate web strategy in 2008. Even if your strategy or resource limitations restrict you from entering all spaces, awareness of the changes in our digital landscape are critical. This document is intended for decision makers roles such as CMO/VP/Director of Web and Marketing.

Changes in communication require corporations to adapt and evolve

In North America the web medium in the number one medium in the workplace and second at home, a significant portion of your resources should be developed around your online programs, research indicates the web medium will continue to grow. We also know that prospects in a variety of stages in the buying stage use the web to make decisions, this is an arena no company can afford to ignore. Most importantly, future generations are native to the web, and this will only increase over time.


This is not a substitute for a plan or strategy, this is simply an index of tools. This list is not prioritized, nor should it be considered formal analysis, A strategist should first identify objectives, develop a plan only then choosing tools, and in that order.

For many corporations who’re not fully aware of all the tools available, deploying web marketing goes beyond your corporate website and google results.

A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008.

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